October 20, 2021
 2-3:15 p.m. Eastern

Looking for a space to learn and share with colleagues on how to support students who graduated from high school during the pandemic? Join us for this workshop on steps we can take to reengage recent high school grads who changed or delayed their plans for postsecondary education. We will spend 75 minutes learning from one another, focusing our conversation on guidance, financial resources, and career preparation, and brainstorming with colleagues who are developing and implementing promising approaches in these areas. The majority of our time will be spent in facilitated small groups where you can share early learnings, problem-solve challenges, and gain insight into what other institutions are trying.

There’s nothing to prepare – just bring yourself and ideas for reengaging students. After the workshop, Strada will keep the learning going by capturing these practices and insights in a published report.

Since March 2020, Strada Education Network’s Public Viewpoint research and webinars have tracked the impact of the pandemic on postsecondary plans, highlighting the disruption experienced by individuals who canceled or delayed further education. One focus of our research has been recent high school graduates who initially had planned to attend college, but, due to stress, worries over finances, and other factors, changed their plans.

Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, these disrupted learners have shown immense resilience in remaining committed to their education and career goals. Promising approaches for reenaging them have emerged across the postsecondary landscape through innovations from faculty and staff, institutions, and intermediary organizations.

Some of these practices have been discussed by panelists and audience members at Strada webinars. Now it’s time to go deeper and learn from each other on how to put these practices into action.

In the news from Strada

June 28, 2021
Examining the Value of Nondegree Credentials

The number of organizations offering nondegree credentials is proliferating, and interest from learners in these credentials — certificates, certifications, and licenses — is growing. But even though these credentials are now in the spotlight, we have relatively sparse data on outcomes. To provide more understanding, through a Strada-Gallup survey we asked more than 14,000 adults across the nation about earnings, job satisfaction, and perceptions about the worth and benefits of nondegree credentials. This month’s Strada Public Viewpoint release compares learner outcomes across degree, nondegree, and combined pathways. By examining programs of different lengths and the experiences of different populations, we aim to provide insights that inform our understanding of the value and potential limitations of nondegree credentials. Join Strada researchers and expert panelists at 2 p.m. EDT Wednesday, July 28, for a discussion about the findings and implications for the field. As part of the ongoing Strada Public Viewpoint research started in March 2020, Strada Education Network has talked to tens of thousands of people in the United States about their experiences with work and education during the pandemic. The research is intended to inform education and training providers, policymakers, and employers who are helping people complete valuable and purposeful education pathways.