Stephen Moret

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ruth V. Watkins

President, Strada Impact

Thomas C. Dawson

President, Strada Collaborative

Larry A. Lutz

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Julie Ragsdale

Interim General Counsel

Michael G. Austin

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Dave Clayton

Senior Vice President, Research

Chantée Eldridge

Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

Chris Borte

Chief Information Officer

Tom Ertel

Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Daryl A. Graham

Senior Vice President, HBCU and Engagement

Leonard Gurin

Senior Vice President, Cash and Investments

Brian Hendrickson

Interim Head of Communications

Jessica Hinkle

Senior Vice President, Strategic Investments

Terry Holloway

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Courtney H. McBeth

Senior Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Christopher Meyer

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Network Collaboration

Strada Collaborative Leadership

Earl Buford


Jaime Nunez

Education at Work

Ruth Bauer White


Mike Marriner

Co-Founder and President
Roadtrip Nation