Since 2014, Strada Education Network has invested more than $120 million in strategic philanthropy, supporting educators, employers and policymakers to help students achieve their education and career goals. Working directly with governors and through national organizations, we help states develop skilled talent pipelines to build their economies.

About Strada Philanthropy

Creating Investment Focus with Meaning

Strada’s Philanthropy team support organizations and initiatives that: help people pursue purpose-driven education and career pathways; nurture and scale collaborative efforts between educators and employers to blend work and learning; and deliver employer-informed curriculum to meet workforce demand.

Our investments focus on:

  • Education & Career Planning
  • Student Success & Support
  • Career & Workforce Transitions

Meet the Team

Daryl A. Graham

Senior Vice President, Philanthropy
Strada Education Network

Chris Guidry

Vice President, Mission Advancement and Philanthropy
Strada Education Network

Pat Roe

Vice President, Philanthropy
Strada Education Network

S. Nicole Thompson

Vice President, Grants Management, Strategy & Analysis
Strada Education Network

Wendell Hall

Manager of Operations and Analysis
Strada Education Network

Alicia Baird

Director, Grant Systems & Administration
Strada Education Network
“Strada’s financial support and personal involvement helps thousands of students through scholarships, mentoring, and work-based learning experiences, building a diverse talent pipeline for employers throughout the country.”

Della Britton Baeza | President and CEO, JACKIE ROBINSON FOUNDATION

“If we abandon low-income or first-generation students at graduation with a poorly designed handoff between college and career, we fail to deliver on the full promise of higher education. Strada understands this and is a great partner in preparing students for the future of work.”


“Strada shares our commitment to building tomorrow’s workforce and creating pathways out of poverty for hard-working students. Their willingness to invest in innovative solutions helped us expand the Urban Work College so more students can graduate with the skills they need to succeed.”

Michael J. Sorrell | PAUL QUINN COLLEGE

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