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Education after high school should be accessible to any student willing to invest the time and effort to pursue it.


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The cost of postsecondary education is a significant barrier for many students, which limits their access to further education as well as economic opportunity.

By making existing financial aid easier to access, expanding alternative educational pathway, such as dual enrollment, expanding financing options and financial aid, and improving efficiency of higher education programs, we can help ensure the cost of education is not an insurmountable obstacle for individuals to reach their education and career goals.

We envision a future in which quality postsecondary education programs are within everyone’s reach, regardless of their circumstances or background.

Providing Credit for Prior Learning

Research shows credit for prior learning saves students time and money and increases graduation rates. Providing opportunities for students to demonstrate skills and knowledge gained outside the college classroom makes education more affordable, particularly for adult learners returning to college.

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Investing in Innovative Approaches to Addressing Financial Barriers

Three million students leave college each year because of a time-sensitive financial crisis of $500 or less. By making it quicker and easier to apply for emergency aid, Beam — one of Strada’s strategic investments — has helped distribute more than $75 million in federal funding to students in need.

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