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Work-Based Learning

All students should have the opportunity to benefit from quality work-based learning experiences, including internships and apprenticeships.


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Learning by working is a vital ingredient to success after completing a degree or other credential. Work-based learning experiences help students make the connection between their education and their career aspirations.

Our commitment is informed by what we hear from students themselves. In a nationally representative Strada survey of college graduates, those who reported participating in work-based learning experiences as undergraduates were more likely to say their education was worth the cost and helped them achieve their goals.

We envision a future in which all career-seeking students can access quality work-based learning experiences, such as paid internships and apprenticeships.

The Power of Work-Based Learning

While there is value in all types of work-based learning, paid internships are particularly effective. A 2022 Strada report showed undergraduates who completed a paid internship worked in higher-paying jobs a year after graduation.

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Providing Women with Access to Career-Based Learning

Strada grantee Bay Path University is growing its Earn-Learn program, which gives adult women greater access to career-based learning opportunities. The latest enhancements will offer access to degrees, licenses, and other work-based credentials designed to be earned over the course of a career.

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Advancing Careers Through Upskilling on the Job

Many employers are investing in their current employees, giving them opportunities to earn certificates and learn skills that can help them advance within or outside their company. In this Strada podcast episode, Amazon’s Ardine Williams discusses Career Choice and other upskilling programs.

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