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Clear Outcomes

Accurate information on employment outcomes should be available for all postsecondary education programs.


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When individuals choose to pursue education after high school, what can they expect their journey to look like? What jobs could it lead them to? What level of income might they expect?

Today, the data systems that could provide answers to these questions often lack key information, transparency, and/or accessibility.

We want to close those gaps – for prospective students, as well as for institution leaders, policymakers, and employers.

We envision a future in which everyone can access accurate information on employment outcomes that can help them make informed decisions about postsecondary education.

Focusing Higher Education on the Outcomes Students Seek

Students want higher education that provides them with opportunities to explore their potential and create greater certainty of a successful career. This Strada report calls on institutions to focus on these outcomes beyond completion of a degree or credential.

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Credentials and Equity

The University of Texas system is using microcredentials and skills badges to bring their students a step closer to a successful career. The program focuses on equitable outcomes by targeting majors that otherwise could lead to lower earnings and that also draw a high proportion of students of color.

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Early Insights From the Beyond Completion Challenge

The Strada Beyond Completion Challenge supports institutions seeking to create equitable student outcomes beyond the completion of a degree or credential. This Strada report shares lessons learned from these innovative programs.

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