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We provide grants to nonprofit organizations that help students and workers succeed, especially those who face the greatest barriers. Since 2013, we have given nearly $200 million in grants, sponsorships, and awards to 820 organizations.


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Our grants support organizations that help students succeed throughout their education and beyond completion of degrees and other credentials. These organizations are developing promising new opportunities, expanding proven solutions, and sustaining models that are already working. We evaluate the social impact of our grants and incorporate what we learn into future investments. We also share what we are learning so that effective organizations and promising practices receive more attention from the field and support from other funders.

Grantmaking Initiatives

Some of our grantmaking is organized into aligned initiatives. Each initiative has specific outcome goals, a defined budget, and a timeline.

Our latest three initiatives focus on supporting student leadership development at historically Black colleges and universities (Strada Scholars), on improving student success beyond completion of a degree (the Beyond Completion Challenge), and on supporting innovative collaborations between community colleges and employers (Employer and Community College Partnership Challenge).

  • The $25 million HBCU Strada Scholars initiative provides leadership training and other opportunities for promising students. The initiative was launched in Fall 2021 with 84 students at 28 HBCUs and plans to expand to additional institutions in Fall 2022. Strada’s Board of Trustees has made a defining eight-year, $25 million commitment, the largest single investment made in Strada’s history.
  • The $10 million Beyond Completion Challenge provides substantial funding to two- and four- year institutions that pilot and expand projects that achieve better, more equitable outcomes for students beyond completion of a degree.
  • The $4 million Employer and Community College Partnership Challenge funds community colleges and their local employer partners that are innovating to meet regional workforce needs, boost employment and earnings outcomes for students, and drive enrollment for community colleges.

All of our initiatives are informed by the work and impact of our current and past grantees. To read more about grants we’ve made in recent years, click here.

Our Team

Daryl A. Graham

Senior Vice President, HBCU & Engagement

Kimberly Sluis

Vice President, Programs

Astrik Tenney

Senior Director, Grants Management

Alicia Baird

Director, Grants Management

Beau Boice

Director, Programs

Carrie Samson

Senior Manager, Programs