June 28, 2021

If millions of Americans are interested but are not enrolling, what can higher education do to engage students, support their enrollment, and help them complete?

Two community college presidents join two nonprofit leaders to discuss implementing proven solutions to discuss that question in this webinar presented by CAEL and InsideTrack. Listen to these higher education leaders’ insights on dismantling systemic and institutional barriers and implementing proven solutions that support today’s students.

Among the key moments to watch:

12:15 — Janet Salm, Managing Director of Research, Strada Education Network: When we look back on this year, how will we know what moved the needle to keep students engaged? Measuring success may take time, Salm said, because people tried “anything and everything.” Listen to what Dr. Annette Parker, President of South Central College, and Dr. Scott Ralls, President of Wake Technical Community College, said when Salm asked what worked for them.

12:27 — Dr. Scott Ralls, President of Wake Technical Community College: Re-engaging students is a two-step process that Wake Tech calls “reach and rally.” Reaching stopped out students is only the first part. Hear Ralls explain why once you have a student’s attention, you have to let them know how close they are to completing, and that support is available to help them make it to the finish line.

12:30 — Ruth Bauer White, president of InsideTrack: When students leave school, it’s often because they need to deal with more immediate needs. “Students stop out for good reasons,” White noted. Get her insights into those reasons and the strategies colleges can use to bring students back.