Jackie Robinson is a sports legend, known best for breaking Major League Baseball’s color barrier. But, as last month’s groundbreaking event for the Jackie Robinson Museum reminded us, his legacy lives on in ways that stretch far beyond baseball.

That’s why I am so proud — and humbled — to have been at that ceremony. There, we heard about Robinson’s role as a sports icon, yes, but also as a civil rights leader, business pioneer, humanitarian and education advocate.

Strada Education Trustee Ernest Newborn and Graham (second and third from left) join Jackie Robinson’s widow, Rachel (sixth from left); other Robinson family members; and Jackie Robinson Foundation officials during the Jackie Robinson Museum groundbreaking.

Just as I was pleased to be a part of the groundbreaking festivities, Strada Education NetworkSM is honored to support the museum and other important programs offered through the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Through our funding for the Jackie Robinson Foundation, Strada Education hopes to promote and expand on the many opportunities already made possible by Robinson himself and by the foundation.

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Just as Robinson did, Strada Education believes in enhancing equity in educational opportunities and attainment for students from all backgrounds.

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Strada Education awarded a $6.5 million grant to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. That amount is the largest single grant that JRF has ever received, and the largest that Strada Education has awarded to date. But, to me, the more important aspect of this partnership is the work the two organizations will accomplish together.

Our grant to the Jackie Robinson Foundation will:

Support JRF Scholars. Strada Education sponsors 30 JRF Scholars, part of a cohort of highly motivated students of color who attend colleges and universities throughout the United States and who maintain a nearly 100 percent graduation rate.

Expand JRF’s Mentoring and Leadership Development Program. Strada Education’s support will help the Jackie Robinson Foundation to scale its highly successful mentoring and leadership program to serve thousands of additional college students.

Support the Jackie Robinson Museum. Strada Education is a founding sponsor of this museum, which broke ground in New York City this spring. Set to open in 2019, the museum will honor Robinson by educating, inspiring and challenging visitors to promote a more inclusive society.

By encouraging — and providing — opportunities for success for students who might not otherwise have had those opportunities, JRF’s programs are in line with Strada Education’s focus. That focus, which we call Completion With a Purpose®, is about enhancing student success in college or other postsecondary programs and connecting graduates to rewarding careers and fulfilling lives.

Just as Robinson did, Strada Education believes in enhancing equity in educational opportunities and attainment for students from all backgrounds.

Through the Jackie Robinson Museum, visitors will gain a better understanding of the value Robinson placed on education. And the museum will serve as a tremendous community resource that reflects the many attributes and achievements of Robinson that made him great.

I believe the museum and the state-of-the-art exhibits planned for it will leave those who visit feeling differently when they leave than they did when they arrived.

And that’s how I felt after the groundbreaking for the facility. Strada Education could not be prouder of our new affiliation with the Jackie Robinson Foundation and its programs, and we look forward to broadening the impact we can have on students’ college and career success — together.