Strada Education Network Invites Proposals for Innovative Partnership Models to Strengthen Education-to-Employment Pathways

Strada commits $5 million to support collaborative programs engaging education providers, employers, community-based organizations and public-sector partners

INDIANAPOLIS – Strada Education Network℠ today announced it is inviting proposals to fund innovative partnership models that strengthen education-to-employment pathways for underrepresented, low-income and first-generation students, as well as adult learners. Strada is committing $5 million to fund multi-year grants to nonprofit organizations incorporating education providers, employers, community-based organizations and public-sector partners in their proposed solutions.

“Strada is seeking to support innovative partnerships that improve education-to-employment pathways,” said Daryl Graham, senior vice president for philanthropy at Strada Education Network. “Through this new program, we will pilot and scale collaborative models and solutions that advance quality career advising, blend work and learning experiences, and enhance employer engagement supporting learners as they transition through education into the workforce.”

The grants, which will support three-year programs taking place Jan. 1, 2019, through Dec. 31, 2021, will be awarded through a competitive application process as part of Strada’s commitment to advance its Completion With a Purpose mission.

“We believe the best way to accelerate innovation in postsecondary education is through integrated partnerships that combine education, work, policy and community partners – all informed by data,” said William D. Hansen, president and CEO of Strada Education Network and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education. “We are committed to investing philanthropic resources to increase and accelerate postsecondary enrollment and completion rates, and address the persistent skills gap that is threatening the future success of students, employers and our national economy.”

Strada will accept grant proposals through an RFP process detailed at those interested in applying, an informational webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 27 from 2-3 p.m. EST. Register for the free webinar here.