We seek out inspiring individuals who’ve built lives around what they love, then share their stories in award-winning documentaries on public television and an online archive featuring thousands of conversations about struggle and success. Along the way, we help learners of all ages navigate the career journey, with career-discovery resources, live events, and our New York Times best-selling career guide, Roadmap.

Whether they start with no idea where they’re going, or just need actionable steps to reach their goals, we help learners get to a place that’s right for them.

We took our first road trip in 2001, driven by the question of how to build a life doing what you love. More than 50 road trips later, we continue to be driven by one mission: to create a movement of people empowered to define their own roads in life.

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Pete Wheelan

Interim President of CAEL, SVP of Strategic Partnerships & Solutions

Mike Marriner

Co-Founder and President

Brian McAllister

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Nathan Gebhard

Co-Founder and Chief Experience and Brand Officer

Ariella Tenuta

Chief Financial Officer

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