Strada Collaborative

Our Mission

To empower all learners — and those who serve them — Strada Collaborative provides critical resources, educational support, and career experiences leading to equitable education and employment pathways.

Working Together to Better Connect Education to Work for More Learners

We often talk about improving our education system to provide more people with a pathway to success. But how can we accomplish that? Strada Collaborative approaches this complex challenge with a consortium of organizations pursuing comparable missions working together to better connect education and work. Each organization within Strada Collaborative brings experience and innovative thinking to address the different barriers facing today’s learners — from academic and career guidance to one-on-one coaching, providing work-based educational experiences and the resources needed to transition to successful jobs and meaningful work. Partnering closely with funders, education providers, employers, and policymakers, the organizations that comprise Strada Collaborative learn from the field and turn those learnings into sustainable, scalable, and effective practices so more learners complete their education and find the success they seek beyond.

Benefits of the Collaborative

Because Strada Education Foundation provides support to Strada Collaborative, there are many benefits to working with the Collaborative’s organizations.

  • Multiply your impact by working with the Collaborative’s organizations, which can direct a larger portion of funds raised to mission-aligned work.
  • Gain insights from Strada Education Foundation’s national research and evaluation support.
  • Tap into a national network of effective solutions and promising practices that inform the Collaborative’s work.

About Strada Collaborative

Strada Collaborative is a nonprofit comprised of several organizations that develop and advance promising practices driven by research and evidence to better link education and careers. These innovators test ideas, learn from the field, develop real-world solutions, and build momentum to ensure more Americans are better prepared for work and can lead fulfilling lives.

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning or CAEL helps organizations succeed by providing expertise, resources, and solutions that effectively support adult learners as they navigate on- and off-ramps between education and employment. CAEL partners with entities across the adult learner ecosystem to help create actionable career pathways along the journey of lifelong learning and meaningful work.

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Education at Work creates employment pathways for underserved student populations that lead to personal growth, financial freedom, and career success. Its mission is to prepare college students for careers and enable them to graduate with less debt.

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InsideTrack is passionate about improving enrollment, persistence, completion and career readiness for learners through partnership with higher education institutions, governmental organizations, nonprofit organizations, and employers. Impact is delivered through direct student coaching, as well as staff training and professional services.

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Roadtrip Nation creates and shares stories that humanize the career exploration experience and empower individuals to connect their interests to fulfilling careers. Roadtrip Nation is one part media production, one part career education platform, and 100 percent mission-driven.

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