Public Viewpoint: National Overview

Released April 8, 2020

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While 83 percent of Americans believe the coronavirus is a real threat, at this point in the pandemic their most widespread worries are about finances and jobs over their personal health.

Those were among the findings in the second week of a nationally representative survey* of 1,000 people that is designed to track the impact of the pandemic on Americans’ lives, work, and education. Results are released weekly to provide insights to the education providers, policymakers, employers, and individual Americans who are navigating the crisis.

A majority of Americans already have lost jobs, income, or work hours.


The number of Americans who are worried about losing their jobs continues to increase.


1 in 3 Americans (34%) believe they would need more education or training to replace a lost job with one that pays a similar wage or salary.


Americans across all education levels are feeling the effects of COVID-19.


Of those who believe they need more education or training:

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