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Public Viewpoint is a rapid-response research initiative launched in March 2020 to provide timely insights on key education and workforce issues. Leveraging data from multiple national surveys representing the perspectives of more than 50,000 adults, the research is intended to inform education and training providers, policymakers, and employers who are helping people complete valuable and purposeful education pathways.


The Great Resignation: Workers’ Experiences with Job and Education Transitions

By April 2021, half of U.S. adults had their work change in some way — fewer hours, more hours, lost a job, started a job — as a result of COVID-19. One-third of adults also changed or canceled plans for additional education or training.

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This interactive dashboard explores the experiences and perspectives of a nationally representative sample of American adults as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis and its impacts on work and education. Click the statement and variable categories below to discover more about the effects of this crisis on everyday Americans. For additional dashboards and information click here.

Public Viewpoint Takeaways: Helping Americans Get Back to Work

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