New Podcast Explores Big Ideas to Help All Americans Access Meaningful Careers

Strada Education Network’s Lessons Earned launches March 4

INDIANAPOLIS — MARCH 4, 2020  — Strada Education Network, today, announced the launch of Lessons Earned, a 20-minute interview-style podcast co-hosted by longtime education journalist Ben Wildavsky and his Strada Education Network colleagues. The first six episodes of Season One are available for streaming beginning today.

Wildavsky and his co-hosts sit down with educators, employers, and policymakers who are challenging the status quo and exploring bold ideas to help all Americans navigate the pathways between learning and earning.  Lessons Earned explores critical questions of the day: Are we sending too many people to college — or not enough? What role should employers play in strengthening connections between work and school? And how can we better equip learners with the skills they need for today’s jobs –and tomorrow’s? Season One guests include:

“There’s a lot of noise today around the intersection of education and work. Our goal with Lessons Earned is to highlight some of the boldest — yet practical — ways we can smooth the pathways between education and careers, to ensure all Americans have an opportunity to build the lives they aspire to,” said Wildavsky, SVP of National Engagement at Strada Education Network. “We are excited to amplify groundbreaking research and new practices to improve postsecondary education and its connections to the workforce.”

The podcast is available on all podcast channels, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, and at

About Strada Education Network: Strada Education Network is a national social impact organization dedicated to improving lives by forging clearer and more purposeful pathways between education and employment. We partner across education, nonprofits, business and government to focus relentlessly on students’ success throughout all phases of their working lives. Together, we address critical education and workforce challenges through research, strategic philanthropy, and direct services from mission-aligned affiliates.