Emsi Joins DXtera Institute Consortium to Advance Ed Tech Integration

April 2, 2017
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DXtera InstituteSM, a nonprofit consortium that improves digital exchange to promote student success in higher education, today announced Emsi (Economic Modeling Specialists International) as a new corporate affiliate.

Emsi is the maker of the popular Career Coach web portal used by hundreds of colleges in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, to help students explore careers and connect their education to career success.

In becoming a DXtera Institute corporate affiliate, Emsi joins a growing network of higher education institutions and other organizations with leading reputations for leveraging technology to increase student success.

“We are excited about the work the DXtera Institute is undertaking to help colleges and universities better connect with education technology solutions,” said Bob Hieronymus, Emsi vice president for Business Development. “DXtera offers a unique, cost-effective solution to remove technology barriers.”

Established with support from Strada Education NetworkSM, DXtera Institute and its member organizations collaborate to share expertise, resources and scalable solutions to remove digital integration barriers. DXtera Institute aims to improve the capacity of institutions to access and use data in a way that promotes student success and increases college completion.

“Emsi is an excellent addition to our DXtera Institute network of members,” said Dale Allen, Ph.D., DXtera Institute President and co-founder. “We are pleased to welcome an organization with Emsi’s strong background in the use of data to facilitate student success.”

In addition to Emsi’s Career Coach and recently released Alumni Insight student outcomes data, higher education leaders have turned to Emsi for more than 15 years to quantify the economic impact of their colleges and align their programs with industry demand.

To learn more about Emsi, visit: www.economicmodeling.com.

To learn more about DXtera Institute, visit www.dxtera.org.