McDonald’s is one of the nation’s largest entry-level employers, and like a growing number of businesses, it provides extensive education benefits for front-line workers to improve opportunities for themselves and their families. Lisa Schumacher, Director of Educational Strategies at McDonald’s Corp., talks about how the fast-food giant supports workers as they earn and learn, through English-language training, money for college, and technology aimed at helping them explore their career options.


About Lisa Schumacher

Lisa Schumacher is the Director of Education Strategies at McDonald’s Corp. She leads McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program, which provides restaurant employees an opportunity to learn English language skills, earn a high school diploma, complete a college degree, and access education advising services. In her previous role at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) as the Director of WorkforceChicago, Schumacher collaborated with Chicago-area CEOs and managed a business-led initiative that identified and disseminated best-practice learning strategies and policies.

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