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Mission Investing


Strada’s mission-aligned investments support and advance our work to strengthen the connections between education and career. Strada invests in carefully selected organizations and funds that have the potential to create systemic change on behalf of students, job-seekers and employers.

How We Invest in Education

The Strada Difference

While financial return is an important aspect of any investment decision, Strada’s approach also emphasizes mission impact. We believe that by supporting companies engaged in education and career planning, student success, and workforce transitions, we will expand the pipeline of diverse talent to meet the needs of a changing economy.

Our work includes direct and indirect investment in and acquisition of mission-aligned organizations pursuing innovative education and human capital development solutions. Strada typically seeks to invest in more established entities with a demonstrated record of effectiveness and market acceptance. Through our Strada Education Innovation Fund, we also explore opportunities in early-stage organizations focused on solutions to prepare Americans for the future of learning and work.

“Strada’s deep roots in education have created unique opportunities, from collaborations with their affiliates to strategic co-marketing. They have been a key partner in helping us grow our team and scale our impact on students and institutions.”

David Kozhuk | CEO and Founder, UCONNECT

“To successfully build and scale education-to-employment pathways for more than 100 million working, low-wage adults requires not just passion but painstaking follow-through. Strada has followed through for Cell-Ed. They’ve amplified our future of work message with key audiences, recently helping us secure a high-profile speaking opportunity that led to quality leads. We prize how their authenticity and active engagement aids Cell-Ed in executing on our growth plan.”

Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami | CEO and Founder, CELL-ED

Meet the Team

Rick Buckingham

Vice President, Corporate Development Strada Education Network

Leonard Gurin

Senior Vice President, Cash and Investment Strada Education Network

Jessica Hinkle

Senior Vice President, Strategic Investments Strada Education Network

Larry A. Lutz

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Investments Strada Education Network

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