Improving Lives

What would our country look like if more of us, regardless of age, race, or economic status, could achieve our education goals? Or return to education throughout our careers in ways that respect our personal responsibilities? Or see our previously acquired skills recognized by employers and educators alike?

How much would our country — and its promise of economic mobility — improve? Strada Education Network is a nonprofit social impact organization with a mission to improve lives by forging clearer and more purposeful pathways between education and employment.

Our vision is to see all individuals empowered to pursue learning pathways that are valuable, purposeful, and provide support to overcome systemic barriers to success.


A more equitable education-workforce system will enable more people to learn and earn.

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Strada works for the millions of learners systemically underserved by postsecondary education.

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Through research and collaboration, we work to build a system that centers on learners.

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As a social impact network, we approach challenges from multiple angles.

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What We Believe

Strada’s mission is to improve lives by forging clearer and more purposeful pathways between education and employment. Building a more equitable system will allow more people — particularly people of color and those from low-income families — to succeed.

We envision a future education-workforce system that puts the needs of learners at the center and equips them to learn and earn throughout their lives. In this future, learners will have a clear view of the skills and credentials they will need — and access to multiple pathways to obtain them — so they can launch and sustain fulfilling careers, support their families and communities, and improve their lives.


Whom We Serve

To improve the U.S. education-workforce system, we focus on building pathways to economic mobility for those individuals who face the most barriers to postsecondary education and training.


How We Work Together

As a social impact organization, we leverage the power of our entire network to approach challenges from multiple angles. We are not only a research center, or an advocate for policy innovation, or a philanthropy, or a service provider. We engage in all of these areas in a coordinated effort to drive lasting change.

We know we cannot do this work alone. We partner with policymakers, employers, education leaders, community organizations, philanthropists, and investors to create solutions that improve lives.


How We Approach Change

America’s education system is designed to deliver the greatest benefits to families with the most resources — higher incomes, knowledge-based careers, ready access to basic requirements like housing, transportation, and reliable access to WiFi, and social networks to open doors and support their success.

To build an inclusive and equitable system, we invest in immediate, scalable solutions and practical interventions to support more learners. We learn from and collaborate with education providers, employers, policymakers, and community organizations. Together, we seek innovative solutions to equip all learners with the support and resources they need to succeed after high school and throughout their working lives.


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