Improving Lives

What would our country look like if more Americans could thrive in higher education? What if more employers recognized and rewarded skills and experience developed outside the classroom? How would our country — and its promise of economic mobility — improve?

Strada Education Network is a new kind of social impact organization working to improve lives by forging clearer and more purposeful pathways between education and employment.

Who we serve

We help lifelong learners chart more effective pathways to social and economic mobility.

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How we Work Together

Our network’s diverse expertise addresses challenges from multiple angles.

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How we Approach Change

Through research and collaboration, we are working to build a system that puts learners at the center.

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Who We Serve

We are on a mission to help 60 million Americans chart new pathways to social and economic mobility through education.

44 million working-age adults who face the greatest income and educational inequities.

10 million college students who face systemic barriers to achieving their educational goals.

6 million opportunity youth who are not currently in school, training, or working.


How We Work Together

We leverage the power of our entire network to approach challenges from multiple angles. Combining research, philanthropy, investments, and practical solutions, we engage in all of these areas in a coordinated effort to drive lasting change.


How We Approach Change

We are working to build a more equitable, inclusive future by investing in immediate, scalable solutions and practical interventions. We learn from and collaborate with educators, employers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and community organizations.


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Join the movement to build the education and training pathways Americans want.