Strada Impact

Strada Impact works to help all students succeed beyond completion of credentials and degrees — especially those who face the greatest barriers. We seek to redefine success to mean these outcomes: securing a good job, doing meaningful work, contributing to the community, and leading a fulfilling life. We conduct research, make grants and impact investments, launch focused initiatives, and broadly share what we’re learning.

Research and Insights

Our research provides important insights on what students value about their educational experiences so we can better understand how to help them succeed beyond completion.

Grants and Investments

We provide charitable grants and invest in nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs who help students succeed through the completion of credentials and degrees and beyond.

Advocacy and Engagement

We share what we’re learning to elevate promising work and demonstrate how effective education and training can help people obtain good jobs, pursue meaningful work, contribute to their community, and lead a fulfilling life.

Evidence and Learning

We focus on key indicators of student success beyond completion and measure them across our grants and investments, the work of our collaborating organizations, and our research.


We conduct primary research to better understand how to ensure that everyone can succeed in education and training that will lead to good jobs and fulfilling lives. Through interviews, focus groups, and surveys, we learn how past, present, and prospective students experience the various pathways from education to work. We use these insights to inform policies and practices that will improve the quality and value of education and training after high school, and will benefit the students who need it most.

Grants and Investments

Our grants and investments support organizations and companies that develop promising opportunities, expand proven solutions, and sustain models that are working. We measure the social impact and returns of all our investments and incorporate what we learn into future investments. This learning includes conducting and sharing research so that the most promising practices and organizations receive more attention and support from additional funders.

Advocacy and Engagement

Given the broad range of our work in grants and investments, research, and program development, we engage every day with all aspects of the education and workforce universe. We make the most of our relationships and resources to advance this work by sharing what we’re learning through our newsletterpodcast, and media activities, and by bringing our colleagues and partners together to collaborate and amplify our collective efforts to improve education and work.

Evidence and Learning

While specific programs, policies, activities, and initiatives have their own dimensions that merit examination and understanding, we employ a common framework to evaluate success, prioritizing the key indicators of persistence, completion, economic outcomes, and personal and community benefits.

Impact Leadership

Ruth V. Watkins

President, Postsecondary Education

Dave Clayton

Senior Vice President, Research

Chantée Eldridge

Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

Daryl A. Graham

Senior Vice President, HBCU and Engagement

Brian Hendrickson

Interim Head of Communications

Courtney H. McBeth

Senior Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Christopher Meyer

Senior Vice President, Network Services