May 26, 2021
 2-3 p.m. ET

Although community colleges have experienced sharp enrollment declines, millions of Americans still say they intend to enroll within the next two years. How can community colleges engage these potential learners and keep them engaged – not just through enrollment, but all the way to completion and career placement?

In this webinar, two community college leaders and a community college graduate — now a student support professional — share how their institutions connected with learners and helped them thrive, even through the economic and health crises caused by the pandemic. Their insights point to actionable strategies for supporting learners, offering flexible program offerings, and building career connections.

Jump into the conversation at these key moments:

  • 11:30: Hear Dr. Adelina Silva, vice chancellor for student success at Alamo Colleges, share the simple message she sent her students at the start of the pandemic — and how it set the tone for the coordinated strategies her colleges used to engage students.
  • 38:00: Listen to Dr. Michael Baston, president of Rockland Community College, explain the “commitment issues” he’s seen with adult learners, and how to make programming changes to help these learners persist.
  • 24:00: Learn how community college enabled Della Drummond, a former community college student, to transition from a layoff to a new career direction she hadn’t anticipated.

Check out the full webinar to hear more from these and other insights about the strategies and solutions that work best for students.