Strada Education Network fosters collaboration between employers, educators and policymakers to build a highly skilled workforce ready for the future.

Research on the Future of Work

As technology and demographic trends shape the job market of tomorrow, the Strada Institute for the Future of Work seeks to understand employers’ long-term talent needs. Our research underlines the value of postsecondary learning combined with practical work experience to help more Americans thrive in their careers.

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Strategic Philanthropy

We invest in promising strategies that elevate the role of employers in the design and delivery of education aligned with workforce needs. We convene employers and educators around the country to share promising practices and highlight what is working to connect education and work.

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Scalable solutions to labor market needs

Our affiliates offer solutions and services that enable employers to recruit and keep strong talent. Leveraging reliable workforce data and insights, we help employers anticipate future needs and identify talent to build their workforce through new hires or by retraining and upskilling their existing talent pool.

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