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Strada Education Network supports postsecondary educators and institutions as they adapt to a rapidly changing learning ecosystem, connecting them with career-focused learners, employers, and policymakers so they can collaborate to help students succeed in school and in the workplace.

Investing in student success through strategic philanthropy

Our philanthropy supports innovative higher education institutions that blend work and learning experiences to help students gain the skills and contacts needed to launch and sustain meaningful careers in high-demand fields. We fund measurable, scalable solutions that help learners from all backgrounds and experiences to achieve their education and career goals while supporting employers searching for talent.

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Informing education leaders through research and insights

Through Strada’s research, we are sharing perspectives from students, employers, and others on how best to prepare learners for the future.

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Providing a network of solutions

Through Strada Collaborative, we offer direct solutions and services to help educators support learners of all ages throughout their careers and to leverage the latest research, workforce data, and consumer insights to improve education for all.

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Engaging partners across the nation

We collaborate with innovative partners to design and support programs that help learners pursue a career-focused education and transition between learning and working throughout their lives.

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