Jaime Nunez


Education at Work

Jaime carries the operating responsibility for Education at Work and all of its business functions. With an overall experience of 30 years, he has recently served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer for a leading BPO provider, where he led the global transformation of the company's core business, resulting in Operational and IT excellence. Prior to that, he worked with the Citi Group for 16 years as the Managing Director of Global Customer Service and Client Delivery for call centers across the US, South America, and Europe as well as Asia - including China, The Philippines and India.

Jaime is a visionary leader with a proven ability to create a high-tempo, customer-centric culture. His leadership style promotes inclusion and transparency, giving everyone a voice at the table and promoting shared success. Jaime is known for his ability to balance a high-level strategic mindset with a hands-on approach to every aspect of the business. People are his number-one focus and he is highly respected in the industry for his integrity, compassion, innovation, and leadership intuition.

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