Our Priorities

We direct our efforts at five priorities that will improve the benefits students gain from postsecondary education.

We are dedicated to ensuring that postsecondary education and training equitably delivers social and economic mobility for students, particularly students of color, first-generation college students, working adults, and people who struggle to afford education after high school.

Providing access to postsecondary education isn’t enough. Neither is ensuring students complete a degree or other postsecondary credential. Strada works to better connect students with success beyond completion so that they can achieve their goals and lead choice-filled lives.

Clear Outcomes

Everyone should have access to accurate information on employment outcomes that can help them make informed decisions about postsecondary education.

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Quality Coaching

Everyone should have access to coaching that helps them reflect on their talents and interests, choose a career goal, map pathways through education, and navigate challenges.

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A quality education should be within everyone’s reach. We work to ensure the cost of education is not an insurmountable obstacle for students.

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Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning experiences, including internships and apprenticeships, help students connect their education to their career aspirations.

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Employer Alignment

Students should have access to programs that lead to quality jobs and mobility. Employers should assess and advance individuals based on skills and experiences, not degrees.

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